Trade Confirmation

What is a confirm?

After buying or selling a security, a trade confirmation (or "confirm") will be generated by our clearing corporation, Apex Clearing. The trade confirmation will be sent to you before the open on the next business day.

A trade confirmation is a financial document that reports the details of account trades. Investors can use trade confirmations to confirm all aspects of their trading activity. Trade confirmations can be accessed in the account documents section of the Options AI App (Account>Documents)

Key parts of your trade confirmation:

Page 1

The first page of your trade confirmation contains disclosures provided by Apex Clearing. The bottom of the page contains a key of different codes that can be referenced when reviewing Page 2 – notably, the codes will indicate the type of transaction and your account type.

Page 2 onwards:

The second page of your confirmation contains information about the specific trade(s) that took place in your account. The most frequently inquired about sections of trade confirmations:

  • Acct type: Indicates whether your account is a cash (1) or margin (2) account.

  • B/S: Indicates whether the transaction within your account was a buy (B) or sell (S)

  • Trade date: Date the security was purchased or sold

  • Settle date: Date the trade fully settled

  • QTY: Quantity of shares or options contracts purchased or sold

  • SYM: Ticker symbol of the security purchased or sold

  • Price: Price at which the security was trading at when purchased or sold

  • Principal: Amount paid for a buy or received for a sale prior to commissions or fees paid on the trade

  • Comm: Commission paid on the trade

  • Tran fee: Transaction fees paid on the trade (for example TAF/ORF/SEC fees)

  • Add’l fees: Additional fees paid on the trade (for example OCC/Clearing/Exchange fees)

  • Net amount: Amount paid or a buy or received for a sale after commissions or fees paid on the trade

Options AI disclosures are available here along with our commission and fee schedule.

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