Paper Trading

Learn how to use Options AI and get a taste of advanced options trading.

Paper Trading is only available to subscribers at this time

Paper Trading on Options AI

  • At the start of your trial, your account is credited with a virtual $10,000.

  • You can use our trade generation tools to identify and customize a stock or options trade.

  • When you want to trade, there are 2 classes of trade available to you:

    • A Paper Trade - simulates a live trade

    • Follow A Trade - allows you to keep tabs on a trade

Paper Trades

Paper trades are intended to simulate a live trading experience.

  • When you open or close a paper trade the price limit is set to the mid price

  • If you attempt to open a paper trade outside of market hours it will become a followed trade

  • If you want to edit the entry price of a paper trade, it will become a followed trade

  • The profit or loss of each paper trade you execute is used to update your virtual balance.

  • To view closed paper trades click on the history icon whilst viewing open paper trades

Followed Trades

Followed trades allow you keep tabs on strategy and see it play out.

  • Followed trades are not used to update you virtual balance

  • You can be unfollow a trade at any time

  • To view previously followed trades click on the history icon whilst viewing open followed trades

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