Comparing Trade Strategies

Based upon your inputs, Options AI generates a range of defined risk trade strategies, presented in an easy to compare format.
See below for an example of a trade comparison page:
Compare trades page
Each trade card contains a summary description including strategy type, strike prices and expiry date, as well as key metrics including the maximum risk, maximum gain and probability of profit.
Please note: the key metrics of max risk (cost) and max gain, as well as associated probability of profit, are based upon the 'mid' of the bid/ask spread at the time of generating the trades. They also do not include commissions or any applicable regulatory, exchange or clearing fees. Therefore, these are subject to change based upon the actual execution price of the trade.
To proceed, click on a trade card and review the trade in detail. The strikes of trade strategy can be edited from the next page.

Confirming A Trade

When an individual trade is selected you will see the trade in more detail. See below for an example of a Short (Credit) Put Spread:
Example: Short Put Put Spread
Options AI presents payout overlays to highlight zones of profit and loss. See the following explanation:
Beyond the green
Max gain has been reached
Increasing profit between breakeven and edge of green
Red meets Green
Trade breakeven
Increasing losses between breakeven and edge of red
Beyond Red
Max loss has been reached

Viewing Key Levels

To view the key price levels associated with a particular trade, hit the "Tap for Breakdown" button.
The diagram presents where max gain, max loss or breakeven may be realized, based upon the underlying stock price at expiry.
Example: Short Put Put Spread Breakdown