Deposits & Withdrawals

Can I use ACH to fund my account?

Yes. Visit Account > Transfers in the Options AI trading application.

Which banks can I connect to?

Options AI uses Plaid to connect to banks and offer ACH transfers. If your bank is not listed you can use wire transfers to fund your account.

I can't connect to my bank, how can I fix this?

Options AI works with Plaid to connect to banking systems and connect to your accounts. Plaid works with many different banks to facilitate ACH transfers. There can be a number of reasons why that stops working, some technical and some not. Plaid's website offers a list of these reasons here.

Options AI is unable to fix issues between the bank and Plaid. Those organizations will work to resolve issues per their service levels. You can also wire funds from your account if you prefer.

How do I wire funds?

If you bank is not listed in the options for ACH funding, please use the following instructions to wire funds from your bank:



Bank Name

BMO/Harris Bank

Bank Address:

111 West Monroe St, 9th fl., Chicago, IL 60603



Beneficiary A/C#:


Account Name:

Apex Clearing Corporation

For Further Credit A/C#:

3AIXXXXX & Your Name

Visit to see your account number and more detailed deposit instructions. Your account number starts with 3AI. You can also withdraw funds via wire transfer if you prefer.

Why are my funds not available to withdraw?

After funds are deposited via ACH, they are placed on a mandatory 5 business day hold.

Thereafter, they are available for withdrawal. Funds from closed transactions typically take 1 business day to settle and may be withdrawn after settlement and/or the hold period (whichever is later).

Can I withdraw funds by wires transfer?

Yes. Visit and select "Withdraw funds". Please note fees may apply.

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