About Options AI

What is Options AI Financial LLC?

Options AI Financial LLC ("Options AI") is a technology-first, FINRA member broker-dealer, focused on providing self-directed investors with fast access to smarter equity and ETF options strategies through its innovative trading platform.

How is Options AI different?

Options AI is different by design. Inspired by institutional trading methods, it is the first platform built around a real-time expected move chart. A live visualization of the options market loaded with the power to give you actionable insight, intelligent strike selection and instant strategy generation, all at the click of a button.
Though its patent pending software, income generating condors, flies and credit spreads are now as straightforward as buying a call option.
Innovation in stock and options trading technology combined with seriously low pricing for serious traders. Just $5 for any trade, any size with zero per contract fees. Letting sophisticated traders take commissions out of their trading decisions.

What are commissions and fees on Options AI?

$5 per trade, any size, any strategy. That's it. No hidden per contract fees or subscription fees.
Simple low pricing so commissions aren't part of your trading decisions.
Certain regulatory and exchange fees still apply. For our full commissions and fees please see our disclosures library.

Does Options AI have a mobile app?

We do not currently offer a native mobile application.
However, the website is available in both desktop and mobile formats and if your application has been approved, the Options AI service is accessible using most browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox and most operating systems including Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS.
Last modified 6mo ago