Start Trading on Options AI
Set your view and in one click, let Options AI help uncover defined risk strategies that work for you.

How do I trade on Options AI?

Trading on Options AI is different by design. Inspired by institutional trading methods and built to take the legwork out of options, it works differently too.
Start by exploring the expected move chart of any stock or ETF and selecting the "Trade" button at the bottom of the page.
You will then have the choice to 'fast-trade' a directional view (bullish, bearish or neutral) mapping to the expected move, or to set your own price target.
Starting a trade

What is "I'm Bullish, Bearish or Neutral"?

Your fastest way to generate directional strategies (spreads, single leg options and stock).
Our innovative approach takes you straight to the real-time expected move, letting you use the option market to power strike selection. Instantly trade the move or customize strikes before executing.
Simply select your directional view, scroll left and right at the bottom to select your desired expiry date and hit 'Generate Trades'.
Choosing an expiry date

What is "I'll Set a Price Target"?

Your path to generating strategies based upon your own specific price target.
Explore probabilities (as derived from current option prices) of future stock prices by dragging the target into the future and seeing the dark blue information bar dynamically update. Releasing the target will set a price target that, in turn, powers strike selection.
Once you have set your informed price target hit "Generate Trades" and let Options AI do the legwork of generating defined-risk trades that fit your view. You can then compare trades before selecting the one that's right for you and as always, have the opportunity to edit strikes before you execute.

Can I buy stock on Options AI?

Yes. When you compare strategies - select the buy stock option. You can change the quantity and price on the ticket step.
We do not offer the ability to short stock.
Last modified 8mo ago